The Little Cornish House by Donna Ashcroft

I love Donna Ashcroft’s books and over the last two years she has written some of my favourite romance reads, with If Everyday was Christmas being the standout favourite. Once again, Donna has produced a book which already gives you a gorgeous, escapist feel before you even open the covers…


Sun, secrets, and a handsome stranger… Everything is about to change for Ruby Penhaligon.

Step into the stunning Indigo Cove on the beautiful Cornish coast and lose yourself in a page-turning summer romance about second chances and creating your own kind of happiness. Perfect for fans of Nicola May, Sarah Morgan and Cathy Bramley.

Thirty-year-old Ruby is done with love: no more drama, no more complications, no more men. She’s living life for herself and that’s just the way she likes it. But her whole world is turned upside down when her grandmother calls to say her beloved pottery business is failing, and she might lose her beautiful little Cornish house by the sea. She needs Ruby to come back to Cornwall and save the day…

Returning to Indigo Cove stirs up memories Ruby would rather forget, but she’s determined to save her grandmother’s home. As the summer hots up so does the pressure on Ruby and she’s in need of a distraction. Although quite literally walking into Gabe Roskilly, the sexy and brooding owner of the local brewery, wasn’t part of her game plan.

Ruby tries to ignore her attraction to Gabe but it’s impossible to avoid the tall, dark, handsome stranger as Gabe is at the centre of village life. And when Ruby’s plans for the little Cornish house start to fall apart, she discovers Gabe might be the one person who can help her. Ruby’s promise to stay single is tested to the limit. But are Gabe’s intentions all good… or is Ruby about to get her heart broken again?

Can Ruby save her grandmother’s cottage and find true happiness this summer? Or will secrets from the past ruin everything?

My thoughts:

I think I’ve found my new favourite Donna Ashcroft read. This book has it all. Saucy romance, community spirit, family loyalty and even mystery.

I completely identified and sympathised with Ruby from the beginning, especially her feelings about her relationship with her father. I felt like we were completely on the same wavelength when it came to being let down by the one man you should actually be able to rely on.

Aside from that, Ruby is just generally a really loyal, lovely and determined character. I really wanted a happy ending for her, and one that she really deserved. I didn’t want her to settle for anyone who wasn’t able to prove they were deserving of her trust and commitment.

The mystery element to the story was also something that really kept my interest. The vandalism and threatening behaviour became increasingly intense, and it was absolutely vital that the community pulled together to work out who the culprit was. This is a twist you won’t see coming…

Overall, a gorgeous, escapist read, perfect for fans of Holly Martin, Samantha Tonge and Rachel Dove.



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