Crime and Justice by Martin Bodenham

This is not my usual read but it is still a fantastic police procedural and mystery story.

Clark Stanton is faced with an impossible choice. Should he risk his career in order to save his wife’s? Can his marriage survive the fall out?

The action is piled on from the very beginning and this book was a rollercoaster ride, full of drama and intrigue.

The characters were relatable and I felt like I was immersed in the busy city life of Seattle. Some of the interactions between the character struck very deep emotions within me, as it made me question what I would do in their position. Others provided well needed right relief from the politics and suspense of the story.

Overall, an original and brilliant read for police procedural fans!


Trust Me by Sheryl Browne

I was intrigued by this book after hearing Sheryl Browne herself talk about it on a Facebook Bookouture Thriller Panel that aired back in August. I was left wondering why I had left it so long to come to this author, as her books sounded brilliant!

This book certainly did not disappoint. You are thrown into the action straight away as Emily receives a devastating letter through the post that makes her question her trusting relationship with her husband Jake. The book leaves you wondering if you can trust Emily’s take on things, or if she is the last person you should trust?

The cliff hangers and dramatic plot points, twists and developments kept me hooked and guessing to the very last. I found myself tearing myself away from the book in order to sleep, eat etc!

Another fantastic psychological thriller by a brilliant Bookouture author!


It’s Raining Men by Rich Amooi

I am very excited to be on the tour for this book. This is an author that has been on the TBR for way too long and my only regret is not getting to their books sooner!

It tells the story of Faith, a likeable, down to earth young widow and the series of events that happen after she is persuaded, almost blackmailed by her closest friends into throwing a coin into the infamous Fountain of Love. Will the fountain work its magic and help Faith leave her painful past behind?

This book was at times very heart warming, and at others laugh out loud funny. The writer’s style is simple yet effective at creating characters who feel like long lost friends and original, entertaining plot lines.

This will definitely not be my last read by this author as it was an absolute joy to read.


The Twins by J S Lark

I was drawn into this book by the bright cover and intriguing tag line. This could have easily been a relatively straightforward tale of unrequited love and revenge but this talented writer ensures that there is much more to the tale than that…

Spanning over 20 years, this book draws you in from the beginning with the sudden arrival of an estranged twin and takes you on a whirlwind of unexpected twists and at times, some very dark moments and memories!

I loved the use of different timeliness to develop the tension and story line, as well as the slow but sure unravelling and relaxations around the main characters and their relationships.

This is an original, gripping page turner and it had me guessing and shocked throughout!


The Violinist of Auschwitz by Ellie Midwood

Wow oh wow! I am going to have a serious book hangover from this amazing, heart breaking, semi fictional story of love, hope, loss, beauty and culture…

The Violinist of Auschwitz tells the story of a the most remarkable lady, Frau Alma Rose. She was a real person, and a violinist at the Auschwitz Birkenhau concentration camp during WW2.

The story is a fusion of the writer’s extensive research into this fascinating woman’s real experiences of the camps, and the beautiful and varied writing skills of the writer that brings this journey, and these characters to life, in order to help you empathise with them.

I’m not sure if it’s because at the same time as reading this book, I have studying the Holocaust with students in my year 8 class, but this book really touched me on a really deep level, that is quite difficult to explain.

I am left with a complete admiration for a woman who is so talented, brave, selfless and loving, and a writer who has shown undeniable dedication and skill in bringing this incredible story to life through her words.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful book and allowing me to be part of the blog tour. It is one I will remember for a really long time.


Cover Reveal: The Mystery of Montague House by Emma Davies

Ooh, I do love a cozy mystery! I am delighted to present to you the cover and blurb for the first Summer and Wynter Mystery, below: 👇

When Summer meets Wynter…

With enough rooms to fill a Cluedo board several times over, Montague House has often been the subject of rumour and gossip. Tales of strange goings on, an owner who disappeared one day and was never seen again, not to mention the treasure that rumour has it lies at its heart… But now the present owner has died and the house is to be sold. It looks as if the opportunity has come to finally settle the stories once and for all.

Clodagh Wynter doesn’t believe in ghostly goings on and tall tales of secrets. She has her feet very firmly on the ground and, tasked with the job of valuing and cataloguing the house and all its contents, she’s simply looking forward to working in such a glorious setting. And if she happens across a priceless painting, well, that’s just icing on the cake.

Andie Summer is a Finder of Things and desperately needs this job; she’s down to her last few tins of baked beans. So looking for hidden treasure sounds right up her street, even if there was something very fishy about the mysterious Mr Mayfair who hired her. Because it’s just like she said to her faithful Basset Hound, Hamish; I saw something out of the corner of my eye as I was leaving, and you know what that means. It’s never good news when I see something out of the corner of my eye…

As the unlikely pair are thrown together, it soon becomes very clear however that they are not the only ones searching for the treasure. And they’re going to need all their ingenuity, resourcefulness, not to mention chocolate biscuits, if they’re ever going to untangle the web of secrets that surrounds Montague House. One that reaches even further than they ever thought possible…

The Memories We Bury by H A Leuschel

I read this incredible, thought provoking book back in August and shared my review then. When I saw the author I had signed up for another tour, I was delighted to offer to share an excerpt as I really feel strongly that this is a book everyone should read. Here it is: 👇

A wise man once cautioned me: Be careful what you wish for. When I woke up in the darkness of a tour bus and my only companions were a raging headache and the grind of a generator, I’d be lying if I said that warning didn’t come to mind. After a yearlong hiatus my band was back on tour, and to say I’d been dreading this was a massive understatement. It didn’t help that today was only day six of two hundred and ninety-three, a number I couldn’t even think about without hyperventilating. Some guys live for the road. For me, touring was its own special kind of hell. A disease I couldn’t shake. 

That being said, the show last night in Phoenix felt good, and I should’ve been in a much better mood, but the reality was my heart ached more than my head. Last night, or early this morning, I drunk-dialed Suze, my ex-wife, ex-high school sweetheart, and we had it out, like we usually do. It always started out okay: I’d ask how she was doing, she’d say fine, then somewhere the conversation tipped. Before we knew it, she’d blame me for screwing up our marriage, which was only partially true. For years we both thought she was the reason why we were never able to have a kid, but the night I found out otherwise officially kiboshed our relationship. 

Cover Reveal: The Dream that Held Us by Rhiannon Jenkins Tsang

I am very excited to present to this artistic, creative and beautiful cover from Rhiannon Jenkins Tsang. Penguin Random House publish some fantastic contemporary fiction and it is a pleasure to support them!

See the cover and read the blurb for this endearing, epic love story below: 👇

“The Dream That Held US took me on an exquisite exploration if a love that crosses boundaries of time and culture.”

 Angela Barton author of Arlette’s Story, Magnolia House and You’ve Got My Number

“Deeply imbued with a certain wistfulness and haunting sense of loss brought out by the end of a glorious summer… Rhiannon Jenkins Tsang’s latest novel is a sensitive and skilful exploration of love, longing, and whether life sometimes relents to give us second chances.” Osama Siddique – author of Snuffing Out the Moon

“This book carries a universal message about love and finding your way in the world. I loved it.” Angela Barton author of Arlette’s Story, Magnolia House and You’ve Got My Number

Another stunning Anglo-Indian love story from the author of The Last Vicereine, Penguin Random House 2017. 

October 1985, Ash Misra leaves a blood-stained Delhi for Oxford University. Haunted by a terrible secret, he just wants to forget. Music and fresh violence bring him to fellow student and amateur violinist, Isabella Angus, but duty and the burden of history keep them apart. A quarter of a century later against the background of the global financial crisis, Sir Peter Roberts, former Master of Woodstock College, receives a letter from Ash for Isabella. They are no longer young but they had made a tryst with destiny; old terrors and suppressed desires return. 

Coconut Girl by Sunita Thind

Poetry is by far my favourite form of literature, but not one I read “for pleasure” very often. Usually because my over analytical, literature student brain won’t let me just read it and rest.

Poetry pulls me in completely; my body, mind and soul work to find meaning and connect with the carefully chosen words on the page.

My experience of this collection of poems was no different. It is an original and insightful collection of poems, covering many diverse topics, including gender, education, sexuality, racism, cultural fusion, and the realities of cancer treatment and having a hysterectomy.

The person who comes across in these pages is someone who is both proud and ashamed by aspects of her culture, as well as someone who is self aware and at times, brutally forthright and honest.

Sunita uses a lot of sensory imagery, which at times is quite visceral and violent. It brings to life her experiences and you become able to sympathise with her quite easily.

This is clearly a collection by a very talented poet and one that I would highly recommend for fans of poetry, especially those who have been looking for a poetry collection with a multi cultural, personal stance.


Cover Reveal: Withholding The Key by T L Mahrt

Having been involved in the blog tour for book 2 in this series and having thoroughly enjoyed it, I am delighted to present the cover for the 3rd and final book in the With Emma Trilogy. Again, the cover places the book directly within the dark, romantic suspense genre. I hope this sounds like something you would enjoy!

See the gorgeous cover and read the full blurb below: 👇

Will Emma unlock her heart and truly allow herself the happiness she deserves?

Emma Andrews finds herself and everyone she cares about within the walls of the penthouse. Only, this time, it was her who locked the door and threw away the key. Emma finds herself not only planning to take Jarret out for good, but trying to destroy his empire and all who are within it.

Jarret won’t know what hit him…

What Emma doesn’t expect is to see a face that before had only appeared in her dreams.

With Chance’s life holding on by a thread, Emma is pulled to him. Will he prove his love to her, allowing Emma to completely unlock her heart to him? Or, will the man that has taught her to accept her strength, be the man Emma finds her true-self in the bounds of his love…

There is one thing for certain, in order to take Jarret out, Emma will need to rely upon the bond formed from an unexpected friendship.