Peacocks in Paradise by Anna Nicholas

I was drawn to this book by the bright and engaging cover. Also, after the past 18 months which I think have been stressful for everyone, who doesn’t like the idea of visiting “paradise” even if it just from your sofa?


The long-awaited seventh title in Anna Nicholas’s humorous travel series about how to live the dream in a Mediterranean country. The author explores different local cultural themes in each title. Anna delves into the island’s authentic heartland, exploring nature reserves, bird sanctuaries and paprika, fruit and almond farms. On her travels, she meets the makers of siurell whistles, palm leaf baskets, hot sauces and ensaimada pastries, and revels in visiting local producers of wine, craft beer, gin and brandy – and Mallorca’s famed herbes liqueur. Meanwhile, she and chum, Alison, are tackling all 54 Tramuntana peaks over 1,000m, enduring the arduous overnight Guell hike to Lluc Monastery along the way.

My thoughts:

Despite this being the seventh book in the series, I found myself easily able to read this as a standalone book.

However, you get the sense that you are being acquainted with old friends in a community with a strong feel to that I personally don’t think you see much in the UK anymore. I loved the banter, humour and support shown between the people in the community and the fun mix of characters we meet in this book.

I definitely feel like I have travelled to Majorca and seen a different side to it than I personally know of. The view and insight Anna gives is unique and interesting. It is not the tourist’s view of Mallorca but an insider’s view, and her knowledge and research about the history, culture and wildlife is clear in this book. I also loved the descriptions of the food as she travelled around, as this is something that I would like to do!

I feel like I have been on an escapist, fun, immersive and sensory visit to Mallorca from my arm chair. I am definitely keen to go back and read the other books in this series.



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