Dr Glass by Louise Worthington

I was attracted to this book as I am always keen to try out something slightly different when it comes to psychological thriller. I also found the title really intriguing, and wondered how the idea of “glass” and all the motifs associated with it might fit into this novel. I also found the cover image striking and captivating.


Dr Emma-Jane Glass is a qualified clinical psychologist with her own practice. Emma-Jane has an article published about maternal filicide (a mother murders their child or children) in an academic journal and is subsequently interviewed on local radio about her sympathetic standpoint.

Her perfect life changes when she receives hate mail.

‘Your business is my business now. How many more are going to die before you stop meddling? One, two, ten, Dr Death?’

Abducted and held captive in an empty house, Dr. Glass begins to doubt her own mind.

My thoughts:

Immediately, I was drawn in as the idea of hearing about situations and experiences from the point of view of a therapist, but also their clients, completely pulled me in. The exploration of how we handle grief and how we present ourselves to the world when we are crumbling inside is both unnerving and important.

However, this book took me a little while to get into. The opening chapters set up the story well, but they were slower than I expected.

However, following the kidnapping, the tension and suspense ramped up and I found myself flying through the latter pages. It sent me into quite the head spin and at this point the psychological element is heightened as we begin to question the motives and choices more frequently.

This has definitely been an original and thought-provoking read, providing some important commentary on issues such as identity and grief.



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