Hector’s Perfect Cake by Lily Clarke

I am very excited and honoured to be involved in my first blog tour for an illustrated children’s book!

Hector is trying to make the perfect cake for his Granny. Try as he might, he cannot get hold of the one missing, key ingredient – peanut butter. Will he get hold of the peanut better so that the cake can be perfect? And if not, will his Granny appreciate it anyway?

I read this book with my daughter Lili, who is 2.5 years old. She was very excited to receive her first bit of #bookmail and absolutely adored the book.

The cover image is striking and the pictures throughout are bright and engaging. The pictures have clearly been thoughtfully illustrated as after a few times of reading my daughter was able to “read” or follow the story using the pictures alone.

I do enjoy a children’s book with a lesson, or moral, and this one seems to be about resilience, perseverance, determination, but also appreciation of family and kindness.

A truly lovely book that I would recommend for all pre school children and early readers.

Thank you so much to the author and publishers for our #giftedcopy.


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