Always Adam by Mark Brumby

This was a 2013 book that the author believed needed to be re-read and readvertised due to the current relevance to the Covid19 pandemic. At the time of writing, the idea of a pandemic was almost entirely fictional to the majority of those reading the book… now, obviously, things have changed quite a lot. Therefore, it was interesting to read this book in the light of current circumstances.

Spencer is a financial journalist looking for the story to make his career. He focuses his efforts and attention on Alex Reid, a mysterious multi millionaire who has a noble and selfless ambition of protecting society from a deadly virus. Will what Spencer uncovers save or threaten humanity?

This was an original read and a poignant one within the current circumstances.

The book was gripping at times, especially through the second half, and the plot was complex and the characters were unique and well developed.

Overall, a relevant read for the times and a great choice for fans of books with a science fiction, dystopian feel!


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