Wicked Writing Skills by Lexi Rees

As an English teacher, I was very excited to get my hands on an early copy of this book and share it with my students, before writing this review for the blog tour.

The book itself is very user friendly and attractive to the reader/user. The activities within the book are simple, in that there is not an overload of information or instructions, but still thought provoking activities that allow the learner to really think about and focus on their writing.

The pupils who I used the activity book with were secondary school pupils who struggled with confidence in writing due to dyslexia or other learning needs, and they said they liked the fact that the activities were varied and allowed them to choose a subject or topic that interested them. They also liked the fact that the layout of the book meant that they could focus on the quality of their writing rather than the quantity, as many of the activities were short, snappy activities that allowed pupils to focus on their ideas, but also basics such as sentence construction.

This book is highly valued at my school and has been used multiple times by the literacy support teachers, who praise it highly.

I would like to thank the author and the publishers for this gifted copy and the opportunity to take part in the tour.


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